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Technology May Be Feeding Obesity

Technology; what a wonderful, and rapidly evolving, thing in our lives. Who doesn’t love technology? Over the last century, technology has changed rapidly, making multiple facets of our life “easier;” but, is this “easier” also making us lazier and ultimately less...

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Eat Your Vegetables

At some point, you have probably been told to “eat your vegetables”. Have you ever considered why? Vegetables have been a major part of dietary intake for thousands of years. These foods provide us with many benefits. They are visually appealing in a variety of...

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How to Stay Motivated – Ways to Keep the Weight Off

Your weight loss and health journey doesn’t stop after you’ve completed your gastric bypass or other weight loss surgery. In fact, your journey’s just barely begun. Losing weight, maintaining your weight loss, and living a healthy lifestyle often takes patience,...

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The Value of a Team

This is such a great time of the year for sports. College basketball is finishing up, NHL playoffs are going on, and baseball is starting, and there is always something great to watch. It’s amazing what these athletes are able to do. Something that seldom gets thought...

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Vitamin D Deficiency and Weight Loss Surgery

Vitamin D deficiency is a common clinical problem that we hear about in the general population. It is also common after bariatric surgery. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential in making sure that we absorb the calcium we are consuming.  Also providing...

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Avoiding NSAIDs After Gastric Bypass

If you have had a Gastric Bypass, or are considering having one, you have definitely heard the staff of our clinic tell you to discontinue all NSAIDs after surgery. Here’s the reason why… What are NSAIDs? First, let’s identify what NSAIDs are. NSAID stands for...

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