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Emotional Eating: How to Identify Triggers

Have you ever been stressed out and found yourself thinking food would make you feel better? Have you ever been really happy about something and decided you needed to eat to celebrate? Many people have considered “Emotional Eating” which usually occurs as a coping...

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10 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love

10 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love (that don’t involve food) It’s Valentine’s Day—the time of year when we celebrate love. Love for our significant others, our families, our friends… maybe even ourselves? Sometimes it’s easy to shower our partners, our children, or...

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A Guide to Understanding Food Labels

Almost all food packaging today contains a Food Label. The food label provides details about that food including nutrition information and ingredients. If you have ever read the food label or nutrition facts label, you may have felt confused or overwhelmed. Don’t...

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Obesity and the Increased Risk for Female Cancers

Obesity is commonly associated with many other diseases and health risks, including heart disease and diabetes.  However, there is also a significantly increased risk of developing many different cancers when you are obese.  These include but are not limited to...

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Helpful Tools for Weight Loss Success

The moment you decide to have weight loss surgery, your journey has begun. Don’t wait until AFTER surgery to start making the changes necessary for success. Weight loss surgery is just one piece of a bigger picture… or a puzzle. Imagine yourself as a...

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Increase Strength and Mobility with Physical Therapy

Exercise is something that is often overlooked or hard to come by for overweight or obese patients. Lots of people have medical equipment, mobility limitations, or physical pain which can keep them from starting an exercise routine. Diet is obviously...

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